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Planning / design


Cooling circuit reactor in a nuclear power plant

The specialists from Bick + Letzel GmbH start assembling the cooling circuit reactor in the test system on the power plant grounds. All work was carried out in compliance with the AD 2000 Regulations as agreed with the TÜV Hessen. The design of the supporting construction also took into account the weight of the pump aggregate (64 t without water) and the pressure valve (8 t without water). At a speed of 350 - 1500 rpm, the pump has a frequency range of  4 Hz - 27 Hz. To avoid the pump and its pipes swinging, anti-vibration devices were attached at certain positions within the pipe system.

The inner pipe diameters on this test bench needed to correspond precisely to the actual circumstances at the nuclear power plant into which the pump was to be fitted. At an operating temperature of 300° C and an operating pressure of 105 bar, the integrity of the pipe system was verified by means of a pipe system calculation and stress analysis in compliance with DIN EN 13480-3. This allowed us to develop a bracket system that not complied with the allowed support loads on the tank and pump pipes, but also avoided vibration.



State-of-the-art CAD equipment is used to draft complete plans, ranging from the installation plan through to the detailed designs. Of course, we can also supply calculations, e.g. pump dimensions, designs of control and safety valves, heat exchangers and other complex procedural technology systems.

We design and calculate pipelines and pressure tanks in compliance with the AD2000 Regulations using the calculation software Dimy. For more facts about our part calculations, please refer to the fact list on the right-hand side.

In addition, we calculate quantity distributions, pressure and temperature losses in branched and intermeshed piping networks for compressible und incompressible media using the calculation program SINETZ. This also includes pressure and heat losses in branched and intermeshed piping networks with circular and rectangular pipes, and other cross-section designs via the specified hydraulic diameter.

We also carry out static and dynamic analyses of pipe systems. Stress limitation is based on the respectively valid regulations DIN EN 13480-3, ASME or KTA.

During the design process, we draft steel construction drawings, tank drawings and complete process systems using the latest versions of Autocad Inventor or AutoCAD Mechanical.

We have a number of partner companies with whom we have worked closely for many years when processing special or large projects.



  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • AD 2000 Regulations (Instructions HP0)
  • High flexibility
  • All dimensions
  • Calculation software Dimy
  • Extensive part calculations
  • Various structural stability analyse certificates
  • Calculation of quantity distributions, pressure and temperature losses
  • Calculation program SINETZ
  • Static and dynamic analyses
  • regulations DIN EN 13480-3, ASME, KTA
  • Steel construction drawings
  • Tank drawings
  • Complete process systems with Autocad Inventor or AutoCAD Mechanical