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Corrosion protection


Ebertbrücke Aschaffenburg


After the 4 individual parts were delivered by lorry to Work 2 (Aschaffenburg-Nilkheim) the specialists at Bick + Letzel GmbH start to apply the 240 μm coat system. The parts are then welded together in separate stages and recoated professionally at the facility. 

After this the parts are loaded onto a pontoon at the company's docks for transportation to the building site. Around 4 t of paint were required to coat the 2,700 m2 surface in compliance with DIN EN ISO 12944.




The company Bick + Letzel GmbH is one of Germany's best suppliers of optimum works corrosion protection and, as an additional service, offers its customers corrosion protection for bridges, tanks and hydraulic steel constructions, such as weir stoplogs, lock gates, bulkheads etc., in large halls and plants on the grounds of the former SMA in Aschaffenburg.

This means that Bick + Letzel GmbH is able to transport and process entire steel constructions and hydraulic steel constructions en bloc without the need for additional welding work on site. This does away with the necessity for complex repairs to the welded joints; the constructions can be produced in the ideal size in the workshop and the quality of the coatings corresponds to the strict requirements of DIN EN ISO 12944.






  • DIN EN ISO 12944
  • GefStoffV / TRGS 519 and 551
  • Decoating / corrosion protection
  • BGS 128
  • lading port fur inland navigation vessels up to 110 m in length
  • 450 t crane
  • Large halls and plant
  • Maximum water jets of 2,500 bar
  • Bristle Blaster
  • SA 2 . / SA 3 surface unit in compliance with ISO 8501
  • EP coat (1K / 2K)
  • PU coat (1K / 2K)
  • High solid coat